In my practice I work to examine the reactions within the human nervous system in regard to grief, loss, and memory. The way our bodies instinctively remind us of the people, the things and the times that have gone; that ‘gut feeling’ we encounter in a particular room, or with a certain smell. The burning in the back of our palate when we suddenly hear the tune they once sang to us. To capture these moments, I work within a multimedia practice using video, installation, and digital/analog photography. Manipulation of material and theme are a constant within my creative process as I try to figure out which story deserves which mediums and why.
      I draw inspiration for the stories I tell from my own life and the lives that touch me, such as my parents and their parents. To draw connections between the generations, I combine and contrast the technologies of the beginning of Home Cinema with the Digital Revolution and its forgotten/outmoded technology. 35mm photography, Super 8 film, slide film, projectors, CRT screens, and VHS & DVD are key players with each piece I make in inspiration and production. Using these technologies, I consider my themes - grief, loss, memory - and I implore myself to meld the temporal space between the mediums, I begin to stitch together the connections that unite these terrible yet wonderful feelings that make us, us.
Thank you!